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What Is Aafiyat.in

Aafiyat.in is an e-commerce website that caters to all islamic needs. We have a wide range of selection from apparels and accessories to home decor and books.

We have the finest collection of thobes from Al-Aseel, Saudi Arabia for the first time in india and also an elegant kurta, pajamas collection from Dawood Khan. We also have a range of accessories and non alcoholic perfumes for men.

Teach your children Islam the fun way with our selection of Islamic story books and toys. Dress your little ones just like you with our collections of thobes, kurta pajamas and abayas for boys and girls.

Aafiyat.in has a wide selection of books including du’aas, hadeeth , prophet’s history, prophet’s biography, Islamic history and others.

We also have a collection of home décor, prayer items, travel essentials and custom made products.

You can purchase halal groceries and halal herbal cosmetics from our Halal Mart. Shop for all hajj and umrah related items and get it delivered to your doorstep from our collection of aharams, hijabs, caps, pouches, tally counters and much more.